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Beautiful, Romantic, and Personalized Ceremony Music
My Wedding Ceremonies are of Great Value because they Include:
  • Up to 1 hour of music at event  (Musical prelude may start 30 minutes prior to ceremony start time.)
  • In-person free consultation to help with:

    1. planning, organizing and selecting your music.
    2. determining where in the ceremony certain songs are appropriate and where they sound best.
  • I personalize your wedding ceremony to assure the program meets your wedding vision and personal style.
  • Traditional, Contemporary, or a combination is within my experience as a piano stylist.
  • Actual Ceremony Program will include:

    1. Up to a 30 minute musical prelude while guests are arriving and being seated. (Preludes entertain guests and set the appropriate mood.)
    2. Music for the grandparents and parents.
    3. Processional music for bridal party.
    4. Bride's entrance.
    5. Interludes:  for example, Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, etc.
    6. Recessional music:  played until the bridal couple and attendants make their exit.
    7. Postlude music:  played until all the guests have left their seats.
  • Written confirmation of final music program with song names, composers, and settings on my piano.
  • No extra charge for bringing my own 88-key electric piano.
  • Rehearsals are included.
(based on customer testimonials)                                
  • Beautiful Music and High Quality of Entertainment
  • Ability to Personalize the Music Program
  • Professional Service, Great Pre-Event Customer Service, and Personal Attention to Detail
  • Affordable Rates
  • Very Personable
MUSIC EQUIPMENT (indoors or outdoors)
  • PIANO:  88-key electronic portable piano, Yamaha P-60
  • AMPLIFICATION:  Roland KC-40 watt with piano amplifier (music is projected into event space via amplifier)
  • SET-UP-SPACE:  5 foot triangle
  • MICROPHONE:  Available for client announcements, speeches & toasts, etc. upon request
  • ELECTRICITY:  Access to an electrical outlet required